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*Our SUN*


Solar Flares and CME's are both caused by the vortexes (tornados)
which are created from the "turbulence" in the rotation of the gases -
which is caused by the various mountainous area features on the surface
of the Ferrite core.
(Solar Flares and CME's may be created directly from a "visible" Sun Spot -
and others may be caused from the vortexes which are NOT visible
and are located in the lower / denser gases (Calcium / Silicon / Neon).

There is a difference between a Solar Flare and a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)

A Solar Flare is the "trail" of Calcium gas being ejected from a vortex -
up - into the Hydrogen gas layer and then pulled back down again into
either the same vortex or a nearby secondary vortex.
The only reason we can "see" Solar Flares is because the magnetic field
current and the electric current / Plasma is being conducted through
(or "following) the "trail" or "stream" of Calcium.
(This occurs most usually in a "looping" display in the outer
Helium / Hydrogen layers of the Sun.)

However - a CME is when a portion of the Calcium gas itself
becomes separated from the main Calcium ejection (Solar Flare)
and as the "trailing / looping" Solar Flare is displayed in the
Helium / Hydrogen layers - a portion of the "trailing" Calcium
becomes completely separated from the "trail" and is completely
"ejected" outward into space.

Click Here for a 1:58 Video showing the difference
between Solar Flares and CME's.

*Solar Flares*

As a (visible or invisible) vortex travels with the main rotation -
and is moved away from the mountainous feature which created it -
Gravity (and the rotational flow itself) begin to "dissipate" the vortex
by forcing the gases to once again resume their "balanced"
layer rotation placement by atomic weight.
However - when a rotating vortex encounters a secondary core surface
mountainous feature - after it has formed and traveled any distance -
the turbulence created by the secondary feature will influence the
circumstances and displays of the initial primary vortex.
When an existing vortex encounters the face side of a secondary
mountainous feature where the Calcium is already being compressed -
this causes the primary vortex to suddenly and powerfully accelerate
the already compressed Calcium gas.
The Calcium gas is drawn into the center of the vortex rotation -
plus - the Calcium is also being "pushed" into the vortex because of the
pressure of the compressed volume of Calcium in the face side of the
secondary mountainous feature that the primary vortex is encountering.
This causes the Calcium to "flow" into the primary vortex at accelerated
speeds - and since the vortex itself is located in a compressed / high
volume Calcium location - the accelerated Calcium is forced "upward"
at an accelerated rate - and is forced completely out of the vortex itself -
and up into - and possibly above - the Helium / Hydrogen layers.
(The only reason we can "see" this occurring is because the electric current
conducts through (follows) the ejected Calcium gas -
but the current itself can not conduct through the surrounding Hydrogen gas.)
(Both - Gravity and the down draft of the vortexes are what cause the ejected
Calcium gas to be "drawn" back to the surface in a "looping" display.)
This is what causes a "looping" Solar Flare display.

Below are two pictures of "looping" Solar Flares.

Click Here for a 1:06 Video showing a Looping Solar Flare
erupting from a single (or possibly several) vortexes.

Below is a side view demonstration of a vortex (possibly a Sun Spot)
being forced to travel away from the mountainous feature which created it -
and into a secondary mountainous feature where the Calcium gas is being
As the vortex encounters the compressed Calcium -
the Calcium is forced upward into the center of the vortex.
When it reaches the Helium and Hydrogen layer boundary -
it is then forced to displace a portion of the Hydrogen
that is being drawn down into the vortex.
As the displacement occurs - the magnetic / electric current "follows"
(or is "conducted" through) the "looping" trail of Calcium
and a "Solar Flare" is displayed.
(The vortex eventually weakens resulting with the amount of Calcium
being forced through the action of the vortex to be reduced -
which results with the conducted electrical current also eventually dissipating.)

*Coronal Mass Ejections (CME's)*

However - when a particular situation occurs where the amount of Calcium
being forced upward (ejected) contains more "volume" than what the
vortex and Gravity can pull back down during a "looping Solar Flare" -
A CME results.

The below "side view" demonstration shows that when an overabundant amount
of Calcium is being ejected - and the vortex can NOT pull the total amount of
Calcium back into itself - the electric current will "short" or "jump" to the closest location
of "least resistance" to be conducted back down into the main Calcium "flow".
The "excess" Calcium is "pinched off" from the main conducting flow of the Solar Flare
and completely expelled from the entire vortex - and a CME results.

Click Here for a 43 second Video showing a Solar Flare
erupting from a single vortex resulting with a CME.

Furthermore - when a single vortex incurs a situation where the amount
and speed at which the Calcium is "drawn into" the vortex is of an
extremely high "volume" and accelerated speed -
A direct CME (or smaller CME's called spicules) results -
which is displayed with a substantial amount of
Calcium being ejected directly from the vortex "without" a "looping" display.
(This type of CME display gives the "illusion" of a "volcanic eruption".

The below "side view" demonstration shows that when there is an extreme
amount of Calcium being moved through the vortex at a high rate of speed -
the vortex is not strong enough to pull the stream of Calcium back down
into itself at all - and a large portion of the Calcium is directly ejected from
the vortex - with a "volcanic eruption" type display.

Click Here for a 16 second Video showing small CME's
(or "spicules") erupting from single vortexes.

*Multple Vortex Solar Flares and CME's*

Most larger Solar Flares and CME's are created from the interactions
of two or more vortexes in close proximity to each other.
The size, strength and duration of these events is directly due to the "timing"
of when each vortex is created - exactly where it is located on the
mountainous features of the Ferrite core -
the strength of each individual vortex - and the proximity of the vortexes
to each other throughout their individual durations.

(As I mentioned earlier -)
The direction of vortex spin (clockwise - or - counter-clockwise)
is determined by several interconnected situation factors.
1. The particular features displayed by the mountainous "area" on the
Ferrite core creating any vortex.
2. The particular volume and speed of the rotating gases in the immediate
"area" of the "feature".
3. The latitudinal location of the "feature" on the Ferrite core.
4. The number of vortexes in close proximity to each other.

The below "Overhead View" demonstration shows how the particular
mountainous features on the Ferrite core can cause multiple vortexes
to be created in close proximity to each other.
(Their individual direction of spin (clockwise or counter-clockwise)
is determined by the factors mentioned above.)

When there are multiple vortexes in close proximity to each other -
they have various effects on each other.
The consequences of close proximity / multiple vortexes is determined by
several factors.
The timing and exact location of the creation of each vortex -
in comparison to each other - and the particular circumstances
occurring within the gases near the Ferrite core -
and the direction of each individual vortexes spin -
dictate the size, shape, power, movement and duration of each
vortex involved - and how these properties displayed by each
individual vortex affects the others.

The below "side view" demonstration shows how a multiple vortex
situation displays a Solar Flare.
(The size and timing of vortex creation is what causes one vortex to
dominate the "direction" at which the Calcium "stream" flows.)

Click Here for a 4:17 Video
showing a large Solar Flare created by multple vortexes.

The below "side view" demonstration shows how a multiple vortex
situation displays a Solar Flare resulting with a CME.

Click Here for a 4:18 Video
showing large Solar Flares created by multple vortexes
with several CME's resulting.


(The eventual "death" of a "Common Star" is directly due to the loss of particular
gaseous elements from numerous (thousands / millions / etc.) CME's (and spicules) -
over the lifespan of any particular "Common Star".)
(To be discussed in detail later in this presentation.)

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